Baker´s Shop “Schmidt”

Roth 2014

Development of the lead concept for prospective shops

By the example of the shop „Rother Valentinspassage“ Holz und Design Wurm developed a new lead design concept for prospective branches of Bäckerei Schmidt shops.

The integration of a stone oven and bread roll as key visuals – underlined by the usage of the CI-colors orange and brown – should guarantee recognition by customers. Repetitive design elements for presentation frames and counter, through standardized materials, colors and shapes involve the customer, create trust and ideally an emotional bond.

Enhancing the shopping experience: a stone oven creates an experience, as customers can follow the baking process live – senses are involved, customers can see and smell it. At the same time, the stone oven stands for the traditional baking and is directly linked to the CI-colors of Bäckerei Schmidt. The bread roll in the front area transmits emotions simultaneously. The usage of glass (which stands for nowadays) and stone (which stands for tradition) is also directly linked to the modernity and traditions of the company.

Creating liveliness by individual designs: in contrast, Schmidts’ cafes shall be designed individually to adopt trends and the different environmental aspects. For the ‘Valentinspassage’ loose furniture with upholstered chairs and loosely placed bench seats were chosen. Highlight is the orange Chesterfield bench, which attract people’s attention through the glass facade. The wall panels captivate due to framed wood mosaics, graphics and coffee motives.