Light showroom “Barthelme”

Nuremberg 2012

Barthelme shows innovative light techniques and different light concepts in its 300 square meters exhibition area in Nuremberg. The owner-managed company Barthelme is one of the most important technology leaders in the field of LED-systems. Holz and Design Wurm realized a premium showroom according to the designs of Jürgen Pfaff.

Showroom as flagship: Barthelme light techniques should be set in various facets, in order to present the quality and different application possibilities. Therefore, white corian was used for the furniture and room equipment. The acrylic-based mineral material is a compact all-rounder for smooth surface designs and three dimensional deformation.

A bar scenery was set up by a reduced back wall, a bar counter out of three white elements and  corresponding wall boards, which had been suspending from the ceiling – according to stalactites and stalagmites. Light effects create different moods, depending on illumination and color selection. Due to corian, it is possible to create a character scenery: the bar can be shown as a cool reception lady during a business event or as colorful bar keeper at a cocktail night. The focus is always on functionality and design of the light installations.

Holz and Design convinced of its expertise in workmanship of this challenging material.