Office “Alpha Gruppe”

Nuremberg 2015

Nearby the „Wöhrder See“, one of the most important relic of the New Objectivity is situated in Nuremberg: the so called “Milchhof”, which has been created by Otto Ernst Schweizer as the headquarter of the Bavarian milk industry. Bought and revitalized by the alpha group, the former administration building was transformed into an inhabited Bauhaus-monument and the alpha group’s headquarter. As longstanding customer alpha group engaged Holz and Design Wurm for the realization of its new office according to the designs of the interior architect Katja Reiter.

Clear, plain design also influences the interior: an oval walnut counter defines the reception. Its expediency is paramount and determined though a remarkable entire shape, the pedestal’s design and materiality: red lacquered surface, brass frames, walnut elements. In the background a decent walnut block separates the reception from the desk area.

As well in the conference room, functionality meets plain design: superficially, a simple conference table consists of a walnut desk and a metal pedestal, but it contains all current technical equipment for events. Built-in cupboards store monitor and further utilities. Moreover, the kitchen door had been integrated invisible into the ensemble.

As a relic of the Bauhaus style a superficially simple metal frame unites materials, colors and forms of the module-kitchen. Handles and spots were integrated, nothing distracted.

Brass frames, in different shades lacquered surfaces and simple, partly for better acoustic, needle perforated walnut wood are common elements of the interior design. Untreated brass enhances through its natural patina.

This project stands for the unity of craft and art: through exact detail work, functionality and high quality workmanship .