Carrera World Lounge

Nuremberg 2016

Where speed meets design –  a unique world of experiences over about 2,200 square meters: fans of motor sports will be delighted to enter the new Carrera World Lounge with its Carrera racetrack, museum, lounge area and flagship store.

Holz and Design Wurm had been engaged to transform the existing area into a calm lounge area including a modern bar, where speed and relaxation should be combined in „one“ ensemble.

Therefore, our interior designers mixed different materials and installed light effects, film and graphic elements: black rubber for tables and counter, golden-metallic wall covers, fine mini  pendant lights, golden graphics, artificial leather and Carrera red for high contrast effects.

Light traces remind of racetracks and are building frames of the fine glass cabinets as well as of the counter back. Moreover, Holz and Design Wurm produced and implemented all furniture.