Penthouse Berlin

Berlin 2015

For this private luxury loft, our interior designers create a unique room concept in cooperation with the owner: Collected pictures and lifelong dreams formed the basis for an exclusive living space.

Exotic materials such as stingray leather, animal furs, black steel and old wood in extraordinary combinations determine the appearance.

To name but a few specialties: behind the living wall from dark maple a complex, motorized shelf-system was built in to store the TV and a hinged desk.

The bed seems to float on a mirrored base. Its headboard is padded with regular stitching. Regarding the make-up table our client wanted to have an inlay with stingray leather, which had been cut via laser.

The access door was covered with horse’s coat and at the backside with old wood. In a particularly elaborated way the wall with driftwood veneers was designed and composed to a harmonious ensemble.

The extraordinary material choices in combination with very individual imaginations of our client have been challenging our creativity, imagination and inventive spirit.