Football museum 1.FCN

Nuremberg 2014

According to the famous motto „the legend lives on“ fans and interested people are invited to experience the fascinating history of the 1. FCN in a new museum, located in the entrance hall of the headquarter „am Sportpark Valznerweiher“. Over about 150 square meters an exhibition with graphics and new information technologies presents the ups and downs of this German football club. Holz and Design Wurm carries out the planning of Werndl+Wisniewski.

Central starting point is the presentation desk in the shape of the football stadium: the circumferential counter explains the history through moving images and audio samples. Particular attention is given to the apparent self-supporting glass cabinets and its exhibits as well as to the large format pictures and text printings, which are set above the counter.

To implement this construction precise details work was needed. In an elaborate way, our craftsmen produced cabinets in divers sizes as well as an extendable presentation element. Skillful hands integrated media technology and i-Pad brackets. Red lights reflect the stadiums shape on the ground.

Moreover, the showpieces of the club’s history are presented extraordinary: behind round-shaped acrylic glass and red-lacquered columns the trophies are placed in a special way.