Boutique hotel Melter

Nuremberg 2016

Since October 2016 the boutique apartment hotel in the city center of Nuremberg welcomes guests, who appreciate to stay in a central and stylish retreat – a temporary home. Holz and Design Wurm realized the plans of Neoos for 53 apartments and the foyer.

Cozy & urban – the usual room plan of the old building required individual interior room concepts by the architects. So, every single apartment becomes an unique and individual one. In common all of the apartments have a highly comfortable equipment: king or queen size bed, full equipped kitchenette, large rain shower, design classics by Konstantin Grcic and superb artworks.

A multifunctional eye-catcher is the long wooden bench: partly bench, partly surface space and wall module including safe and drawers. The bed with luminaries and bed side table is a simple solitaire which becomes a cozy retreat due to its headboard. The kitchenette remains of a modular system: the surrounding wooden frame provides space for utilities and includes indirect lighting. Special Detail: the extra thin worktop is made with a solid core which includes the hob and sink. Embedded brass points simulate the handles of the base cabinets.

Urban lifestyle is reflected by the clean design language. All furniture are made from oak and ash, with its original “wild” texture, but stained differently. On top, each floor has its own color code.

Clean & unconventional – the welcome desk and its wallboard are made from walnut tree.   Due to its natural, artfully bonded texture and fine, brass edge protection the desk appears interesting and unconventional. The wooden enlargement of the Chesterfield bench demanded high skilled craftsmanship by the workers of Holz and Design Wurm.

As here, the wooden texture proceeds fluently over edges and angles.