Tasting room “Lebkuchen Schmidt”

Nuremberg 2010

Lebkuchen Schmidt invites guests to visit its world of experience and enjoy an informative and delightful stay. Here, guests can find out more about the production of the famous gingerbread, taste the bakery products and buy from its factory outlet. Holz and Design Wurm designed and realized the showroom with an annexed bakery and a factory outlet store.  

Up to 90 people can be accommodated in the showroom, mostly used in conference seating. Therefore, we produced wooden tables with metal base, which can be easily aligned next to each other and dis/assembled quickly. The comfortable padded chairs appear elegantly. Installed ceiling spotlights illuminate or dim the room according to the event. Large light balls remain of stars and fit perfectly into a Christmas decoration. Nuremberg silhouette shows up from the blue wall: the wooden wallboard frames the event location and relates it to Nuremberg, the hometown of the famous gingerbread.

A functional and elegant wing door opens the way to the outlet. Here the famous gingerbread varieties are presented and sold directly. Open, neutral shelves provide space for all kinds of cans and artificial packed products. Above, Nuremberg silhouette comes through and connects the famous products to their hometown. A dark, glossy and resistant stone plate enhances the wooden desk.

Moreover, a second sliding door separates the showroom from the tasting desk, which was perfectly adjusted into the niche. Next to it, a original-copied bakery was placed for demonstrating processes.