Restaurant Green Lion

Nuremberg 2016

The Green Lion in Nuermberg’s city center is positioning itself as a young, healthy fast food restaurant. Its interior has been realized by Holz and Design Wurm following the plans of architect Thomas Gnüge. Particularly challenging was to implement the planned optic in the most cost-effective manner possible without compromising quality.

The counter acts as the main character in this modern, sustainable fast food restaurant. “Green Lion” – the restaurant’s name should be transferred in its interior: green stands for real sustainability, „clean” eating and natural ingredients in combination with the lion for robust materials and strengh. Therefore, oak, black steel and green felt had been chosen by the architect.

The L-shaped counter had been covered by oak and black MDF with different grooves and a painted surface. This kind of processing is far lower in cost and looks like high quality. The robust coping stones upgrades the ensemble. A light frame of steel with pendant lights sub-serves like a crown for the counter. Handwritten large blackboards and glass cabinets complete the gastro area. Black steel and wood had been chosen for the tables, green felt pads for the benches.

All in all, a very young, inspiring atmosphere dominates the whole restaurant.